Wrecks Mogan

Wrecks mogan

Wrecks Mogan are actually two wrecks that lay only 50 meters apart from each other. The older wreck, Alagranza, is partially broken and lies on it’s side. Here you can find grouper, octopus and rays. The latest wreck that sank over there for the submarine tours is the cermona II (picture). This vessel sank in 2002 and also lies on it’s side. Both vessels are at a depth of 20 meters.

Both vessels have a large amount of fish around them (partly because the submarine company feeds them) but we can find some rays in the sand as well. Most of them are stingrays, but we can also find eagle rays, bull rays, and waving people in the submarine.

» Max depth: 20 meters
» Min level: open water diver
» Sightings: bull ray, eagle ray, stingray, roncedores, barracuda, octopus, nudibranch, cuttlefish,…
» Boat dive