Arguineguin Reef

Arguineguin reef

Arguineguin reef

Arguineguin reef gets it´s name because of the fishing town nearby. It’s a 700 meter long reef, which is an old lava stream and contains a lot of overhangs. These overhangs provide shelter for stingrays, moray eels and sometimes even for large puffer fish. Among these animals you can find some colourful anemones and cleaner shrimps. There is a large shoal of Grunts “Roncadores”. Make sure to swim in between them and look up, as there is a big chance to see Barracudas and even tuna!! In the sandy area we can encounter angel sharks, different kind of rays and a variety of small fishes. Octopus and cuttlefish are well known guests on this reef due to the big rocks and overhangs. You could compare this reef to Helena reef, but the biggest difference is in the length of the reef.


Get ready for a long dive, as this dive site is not so deep and the reef is nicely long to explore. Make sure too look under the overhangs to find some nice surprises!




  • Max depth: 16 meter
  •  Min level: open water diver
  •  Sightings: barracuda, shoal of roncadores, anemones, scorpionfishes, large puffer fish, angel shark, stingrays, octopus, cuttlefish,..
  •  Boat dive