Bahia Meloneras

Bahia MelonerasBahia meloneras

Bahia meloneras is a rather shallow reef, nice for your first dives or when we go even more shallow to do your first exploration dive. We also use this bay to practice the rescue course, as we can also enter it from the beach in Pasito Blanco.

If we do a try out dive in Bahia Meloneras, you can see octopus, cuttlefish, rays and a big variety of small fishes.

Starting from August we can encounter the butterfly rays in this little bay. On a good day we can see around 30 of these rays. They come to this area during mating season ( can last up to 2 months). It is an exceptional experience to see them this shallow in the water. Keep in mind they can get up to 2 meters wide and can get really close by or even bump into you! A beautiful experience, so if  weather allows, we try to spend some time in between the 2 dives in this area  so you can snorkel with them. This is a moment you will never forget!



  • Max depth: 9 meters
  • Min level: all
  • sightings: Rays, cuttlefish, octopus, big variety of small fishes
  • Boat and shore dive