Helena Reef

helena reef

helena reef

Helena reef

The reef gets it name from the Mediterranean moray, also called moray Helena. This is a rare moray to see as it normally spends it’s time in deeper water. We are lucky to see it once in a while on this reef. The reef is located in front of the factory of el pajar. The length of the reef is around 300 meters with a maximum depth of around 16 meters.

The reef itself resembles arguineguin reef, but a bit smaller. It boasts a lot of life and has a huge shoal of roncadores. Because of this shoal we normally see a lot of barracudas, tuna and Bonito hunting the sardines that are hiding between the roncadores. Because of this hunting game we have a spectacle going on, which you can watch for hours! It also has some nice overhangs where we can find rays, morays, and octopus. Another rare fish we encounter over here is the giant puffer fish. But remember, this cutey is shy, so you need to look for it!



  • Max depth: 16 meters
  • Min level: Open water diver
  • Sightings: Moray eel, giant puffer fish, angel shark, scorpion fish, roncedores, octopus, cuttlefish, mediteranean moray, rays,…
  • Boat dive