Meteor wreck

meteor wreckMeteor wreck

is the wreck of a Russian hydrofoil ferry which sank in 2003. It’s about 30 meters long and 9 meters wide. Meteor wreck sank largely intact to a depth of 17 meters, but a subsequent storm destroyed it and opened it up. You can still see the passenger seating and even try them out for some funny pictures. There is normally a shoal of big barracuda around the wreck and often large rays or even electric rays. When the season is there we often see Angel sharks and even butterfly rays. Rarely we can also see a tub gunards, who loves to walk on the sandy bottom with it’s lovely coloured wings.

The wreck is almost completely covered in a large shoal of roncadores. The engines of meteor wreck are also in plain view and seems like the octopus love it! Most of the time there are cuttlefishes around and an abundant amount of small fishes. On the side of the wreck you can find a toilet, but it’s out of use.

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meteor wreck

  • Max depth: 17 meters
  • Min level: open water diver
  • Sightings: barracuda, scorpionfish, octopus, roncadores, stingrays, electric ray, moray eel, cuttlefish, angel shark…
  • Boat dive