Pasito Blanco Reef

pasito blanco

pasito blanco


Pasito blanco

This is a stunning oval shaped reef. It’s rising up from the bottom at 19 meters with the top of the reef at approximately 15 meters. We call this our house reef as it is only a 15 minute sail from to this reef and right in front of our harbour. This is a favourite dive site for novice and more experienced divers because it boasts a large concentration of marine life at shallower and medium depths.

There is a large shoal of roncadores here that often completely obscure the view of the reef until you swim through them. This shoal is often accompanied by barracudas, tunas and Bonitos that are hunting the sardines that are hiding between the roncadores. So make sure to look up and enjoy this spectacle.  The local name for the reef is Chucho, which means stingray due to the frequency of sightings here. Often in the sany area you can see electric rays, butterfly rays, eagle rays and occasionally Angel sharks.

So make sure you explore this reef with let’s go diving and it’s hard boat ATLANTIS.



  • Max depth: 19m
  • Min. level: open water diver or equivalent
  • Sightings: Shoals of roncadores,  stingrays, trumpetfish, barracudas, morays, bream, eagle rays, octopus, cuttlefish, …
  • Boat dive