Piper plane wreck

piper plane wreck

Piper plane wreck

Piper plane is a small wreck, about a 50 minute sail out of our harbour and is close to the area of Puerto Rico and far more out in the ocean.

The story goes that a guy left Tenerife for Gran Canaria and forget to fuel up before he left. He attempted to land in Gran Canaria, but obviously failed to do so. Anyway he survived and we are happy with an extra wreck!

Piper plane wreck is one of the deeper dive sites we go to with the boat, and is perfect to do your PADI deep dive speciality. The depth is around 35 meters. The wreck is small and suffered a lot over the years, but boasts a lot of fish around it. This is what makes the wreck interesting! The abundance amount of marine life. Make sure you look at the sandy area as it is the house of the angel sharks or even some butterfly rays!

If you’re interested in a deeper wreck dive, make sure too book it with let’s go diving and our boat ATLANTIS.




  • Max depth: 35 meters
  • Min level: Advanced open water or equivalent
  • Sightings: Octopus, moray, angel shark, rays,…
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