Sardina del Norte

Sardina del norte

sardina del norte

Sardina del norte

This is all the way to the north of the island, and it takes around 1,5 hour to reach the dive site. This is a beautiful dive site because of the variety of fish you can encounter. Even if you are lucky you can see sea horse or angel shark over here! It’s an easy access with some beautiful surroundings. You can easily do a few dives over here, as you can go to different directions.


caleta bajaAnother dive site that is close to Sardina del Norte is Caleta Baja. A popular site among the locals. The access is a bit more difficult, but the reason why we make this effort is the visits of the mobula rays. At the dive site  Caleta Baja, when it’s the season, you can see big schools of them. Normally they come in the afternoon to the bay to have a feeding frenzy. Whenever it’s the season you can find us over there!

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  • Max depth: 18 meters
  • Min level: open water diver
  • Sightings: octopus, roncadores, barracuda, devil ray (right season), ………..