Cours liste de prix

Course prices Time Price  
Try-out dive Half day course € 70,00
Padi Scuba Diver course 2 day course € 265,00
Padi Open Water Diver course
Special offer2x Padi Open Water Diver course
3/4 day course
3/4 day course
€ 395,00
€ 780,00
Check-out dive 1:1 with instructor Half day course € 65,00
Upgrade from Padi Scuba Diver to Padi Open Water Diver 2 day course € 285,00
Referral to Open Water Diver 2 day course € 285,00
Padi Adventure Diver (3 dives) 2 day course € 220,00
Padi Advanced Open Water Diver (5 dives) 3 day course € 285,00
Padi Rescue Diver 3 day course € 295,00
Padi EFR  1/2 day course  €130,00
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Prices include: Dive gear, Manual or online crew pack, certification, Instructor and small groups guaranteed!
Prices from 01-04-2018, Local sales tax (7% IGIC) not included.
Booking in advance makes that we can schedule and organize your dives the optimal way.
You only need to pick the desired starting date. Further planning can be made on mutual ag